Free Games It’s amazing how such a simple premise could suck you in for hours — well, at least as long as you have lives to spare. Try to blast away the candies in the number of moves given. The obstacles only get harder and more infuriating as you rise in levels.

2. Motherload

You’ll feel like you’re back in the arcade when you play this game, which has simple yet compelling 101 betting game play and retro graphics. Dig your way through Mars looking for the “motherload” of minerals and enjoy an interesting story line along the way.

3. Rubble Trouble

Harness your inner need for destruction with this game that lets you demolish old buildings with just a few clicks. If you use just the right technique, you’ll pick up cash and other rewards along the way.

4. Wonderputt

The slick, bright graphics of this game bring the fantastical mini-golf course to life. Enjoy cute themes and challenging obstacles as you try to putt your way to victory. Just watch out for the cows. And toads. And aliens!

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5. Time Fcuk

This stylized game features very basic pixel graphics that emphasize the game play. On its surface, this is a puzzle game. In reality, it is a game that challenges how we spend our time and the nature of life. Pretty deep stuff for a flash game!

6. Cuboy Cubeture II

Cuboy is lost somewhere in time and has to solve puzzles and fight villains to get back home. The game features several mini games, bright and polished graphics and a compelling story line to keep you hooked.

7. Warbears

Warbears bring war to the enemies of the peace. The challenging game play asks you to solve puzzles to complete your missions. You’ll be treated to a lot of hilarious commentary and cut scenes along the way.

8. Sugar Sugar

It seems like if sweets are involved, you’ll know that flash games are insanely hard and addicting. In this game, you need to try to get sugar in your cups to complete the levels. A freeplay mode allows you to create sugar art.

9. Aurora 2

Try to unlock the mystery of what happened at Aurora in this role-playing game. The eerie graphics have a stunningly realistic quality that will add to the intrigue of the game.

10. Aether

Enjoy a different kind of game experience with this puzzle game. Each planet you visit has a different puzzle, and the secrets you unlock create an existential view on life. You’ll also enjoy adorable graphics while you’re doing it.